The Enforcement of Restrictions on Community Activities in Central Kalimantan Was Extended to 19 April

PALANGKA RAYA, inikalteng.com – The Provincial Government of Central Kalimantan decided to extending the implementation of the Limitation on Micro-Scale Community Activities in Central Kalimantan Province, from April 6 to 19, 2021.

This decision was made based on the development of the Covid-19 case in Central Kalimantan, which is still increasing.

This was expressed by the Governor in a written speech read by the Central Kalimantan Regional Secretary Fahrizal Fitri, in meetings with officials, religious leaders, traditional leaders, community leaders, partnership forums, community organizations and university leaders regarding the anticipation of the spread of Covid-19 ahead of the Holy Month of Ramadan and Eid Fitri 1442 Hijriah (2021 AD) at the Jayang Tingang Hall, Central Kalimantan Governor’s Office, in Palangka Raya, Friday (9/4/2021).

He explained, until April 8, 2021, Covid-19 cases in Central Kalimantan Province still tend to increase. There were 17.894 confirmed cases, 15.640 recovered cases, 450 people died, and 1.804 people who are still being treated. When compared to the National, Central Kalimantan confirmed cases contributed 1,15 percent to National cases, the percentage treated by Central Kalimantan was higher than the National, the percentage of recovery in Central Kalimantan was lower than the National, and the percentage of deaths in Central Kalimantan was lower than the National. Despite this, cases of death occur almost every day, which is cause for concern.

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Looking at developments in the last seven days, it appears that the trend of active cases of Covid-19 in Central Kalimantan in a province tends to decline from 10,93 percent to 10,08 percent. However, Palangka Raya City, East Barito Regency, North Barito Regency and Katingan Regency are still increasing.

Meanwhile, the recovery trend in the province also increased from 86,59 percent to 87,40 percent. However, Palangka Raya City, South Barito Regency, Katingan Regency and East Barito Regency experienced a decline in recovery.

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“The thing that is of concern, is the trend of mortality which has increased, from 2,48 percent to 2,51 percent. The increasing trend of mortality is in Katingan Regency, Kapuas Regency, East Kotawaringin Regency, Sukamara Regency, West Kotawaringin Regency, East Barito Regency and Lamandau Regency,” said the Governor.

When viewed by Districts, Villages and Kelurahan, the spread of active Covid-19 cases in Central Kalimantan is in 76 sub-districts or 55,88 percent of the number of sub-districts, in 188 villages and sub-districts or 11,93 percent of the number of villages and sub-districts. With the implementation of the Limitation of Micro-Scale Community Activities in Central Kalimantan, the Regency or City Task Force has been able to map in more detail the distribution of active Covid-19 cases to the neighborhood level. Based on data received by the Central Kalimantan Provincial Task Force on April 8, 2021, as many as 8 Neighborhoods in the Red Zone, 11 Neighborhoods in the Orange Zone and 616 Neighborhoods in the Yellow Zone.

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Therefore, the Regent / Mayor is asked his attention to seriously ensure that the mapping of the Rukun Tetangga level is carried out properly.

“Because of the reports from regencies and cities that we received, not all. Report from Murung Raya District, only one of the six sub-districts has active cases. With the mapping at the Neighborhood Association level, Covid-19 control can become more focused,” said the Governor.

Taking into account these conditions, the Governor emphasized that the Central Kalimantan Province extended the implementation of the Limitation on Micro-Scale Community Activities, from April 6 to April 19, 2021.

“The enactment of the limitation of Micro-Scale Community Activities is not just a determined decision, then it is not implemented and is not properly evaluated,” he said. (*/red)


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