The Governor of Central Kalimantan Invites the Community to Increase Adherence to Health Protocols

PANGKALAN BUN, inikalteng.com – The discipline of implementing health protocols is currently the only way to stop the spread of Covid-19. Moreover, the potential for increasing positive citizens of Covid-19 is quite significant.

Central Kalimantan Governor H Sugianto Sabran has never stopped asking people not to be lax in implementing health protocols and always taking care of their health by eating nutritious food and exercising.

“To the public, let’s continue to increase adherence to health protocols to avoid Covid-19. The Provincial Government also invites district/city governments and other agencies to focus on handling the Covid-19 pandemic through a community behavior change approach. Continue to educate our people to adhere to health protocols, “appealed Sugianto Sabran after holding a Coordination Meeting for the Enforcement of Limitation of Community Activities in the Central Kalimantan Province, in Pangkalan Bun, Kotawaringin Barat Regency, Wednesday (24/3/2021).

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Sugianto Sabran said, by implementing a change in the discipline of health protocol behavior, it would be the strength of the community to avoid the dangers of Covid-19. The connection with this behavior change is how to foster collective awareness and the role of all components of society. Including efforts to improve and enhance the regional economy. “The government also continues to provide education and break the Covid-19 chain, as well as improve the economy in the community,” he said.

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In this case, the Governor emphasized the importance of the collaborative role of all related parties with the community. So that the role of public communication is very basic, and provides understanding and understanding that Covid-19 is very dangerous.

“The functions of education, outreach and mitigation, plus four important health protocols, namely using masks, washing hands with soap and running water, maintaining distance, and avoiding crowds, must be implemented properly,” he said.

Sugianto Sabran also asked the District/City Governments in Central Kalimantan to tighten their adherence to health protocols in government offices and in the community, with various applications that have been conveyed in facing the Enforcement of Restrictions on Micro Scale Community Activities.

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“Public awareness in implementing health protocols is very important. Because the community is at the forefront of efforts to cut the spread of Covid-19. With discipline in implementing health protocols, Central Kalimantan will be able to reduce its spread. Let us pray together that the Covid pandemic will pass quickly and economic life can be improved again, “said Sugianto Sabran, who in this series of working visits also monitored activities in the community in implementing the Enforcement of Restrictions on Micro Scale Community Activities. (ya/red)


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